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Kumiko Lawrence’s sumi-paintings are featured in the winter 2015 issue of the magazine Parabola together with a NOh play " Kiyotsune" original translated story by Kenneth E Lawrence.

2014 Kumiko is also painting digitally - iPad sumi painter!

Her work featured weekly in Digiletter " Heike Monogatari and the traditional Noh Play of Japan" with Kenneth E. Lawrence.

Kumiko's Sumi paintings will be featured with Biwa ( Japanese lute) performance in The Bainbridge Summer Festival 2013 on Sunday, August 4th.


Kumiko Lawrence’s sumi-paintings are featured in the summer 2013 issue of the magazine Parabola together with a Mahabharata-based short story by Kenneth E Lawrence.

Soju Kai Seattle (Kenneth E. Lawrence and Kumiko) are writing a monthly column 'Stories From the Noh" in the North American Post/Hokubei Hochi (北米報知).

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