Noh 能

Funabenkei  船弁慶

Shizuka,with no heart to dance, merely waves her sleeves in sorrow.

‘Misfortunebrings great pain,” she sings, “but trust in me.” A happy song, though the seais carrying her love away. May wind and wave speed him on!Last year he
bravely rode forth, leading an army westward, destroying the Taira and drowning
them in the sea. Now all knew his name: Yoshitsune! But a despicable villain’s slander
made him a hunted man, a tragic misunderstanding. With only the rising moon to
guide him, he hastily abandoned the capital, fleeing with a dozen trusted
companions towards the western provinces. Their lives, like all lives, are the
sport of fate. They fled in boats downriver, adrift like clouds on the water, finally
arriving at the ocean shore.

“Take yourplaces aboard. Let’s get this vessel underway!”

Shizuka is speechless
with weeping, but what must be shall be. Let all the world whisper as it will. In
tears she removes hat and cloak, drops them at her feet and bids Yoshitsune


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Kiyotsune  清経

Spring has become autumn, mournful and winter-tinged. Rains
beat down upon his traveling robe; his sleeves droop, hanging limp as he steals
back into the capital. In haste he has returned across the surging sea waves, an
unexpected return with a tragic message. He announces his arrival.“Awazu no Saburo, retainer to Lord Kiyotsune, has come!”

Lord Kiyotsune’s wife comes, breathless. A message from her
lord? But she had heard he came through the recent battles unscathed. Has he renounced this world and become a monk?

“You need not stand on ceremony,” she says. “Pray, enter!”

“Common soldiers, my lady, they’re nameless, no better than
roadside weeds. When Lord Kiyotsune’s retreat to the capital was cut off, he
refused to fall into their hands. Late one moonlit night, off the coast of
Yanagi, he threw himself from his ship into the sea.”


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Atsumori  敦盛